In 2003, a man with a vision to change the agricultural landscape of Sri Lanka and an experienced berry grower had an idea for a new kind of berry farm. They would sow the fertile highlands of Sri Lanka and apply collectively, their vast berry-growing and management knowledge to create a burgeoning berry company. They would go on to forge stronger ties and deliver attentive customer service. And thus was born the Jagro Farms.

The seedling company had a humble beginning. Jagro opened its agricultural doors with just 3 acres of land. It produced 2 tons of strawberries in its first season. Not much by today's standards! But our dedication and persistence paid off. It wasn't long before distributors noticed the uncommon quality of the Jagro brand and the extra care that went into packing the berries. And soon, the orders began to multiply.

In the months since, Jagro has worked hard at establishing itself as a preferred name in the strawberry business. We are now ready to market our line of premium produce across the island and beyond our shores.

At Jagro, although our main planting season begins in August/September,